Ots CD Scratch 1200

Ots CD Scratch 1200

Ots does electronic turntable and mixing effects with emulated turntable effects
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Ots has created a utility that has brought old school DJ skills into the new millennium when most people have forgotten what turntables and backtracking are. 22 Inch turntables have been replaced by real-time electronic turntable, and mixing effects have been replaced with emulated turntable effects. All the things that used to be done to a long play record can now be done to a CD with this bit of software.

There are tools to scratch a CD, play it backwards and play two tracks simultaneously from the same CD. This unique creation even allows you to play 2 CDs at the same time. Developers have built into the software an Auto DJ feature that allows auto mixing of music tracks until you have a seamless CD to deliver.

The real features are to be found in the upgraded version called Ots CD Scratch 1200 Deluxe. Here users have features that allow them to do sharable recordings. In addition there are also features such as cueing and Hercules DJ Console MK1 support, where Cueing allows you to mix with headphones as done in the good old days, and Hercules DJ feature offer a full compliment of DJ skills utilities.

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  • Almost real turntable effects


  • Free only for private and non commercial use
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